Cabbage Tree Island Public School

Ngala Gunngala - Look and Listen

Telephone02 6683 4251

About our school

Cabbage Tree Island Public School is a unique school located at the eastern end of Cabbage Tree Island Aboriginal community. The school has a total enrolment of approximately 40 Aboriginal students, from preschool age to Year 6.

Cabbage Tree Island is located 22km south of Ballina. The school is isolated to services although Jali Health and Bunjum C0-operative are located on the island and provide services on specific days of the week. The Transition to School Program (Preschool) employs an early childhood teacher and an Aboriginal teacher's aide. The Kindergarten to Year 6 school employs one permanent teacher, a teaching principal, an Aboriginal education officer, a senior administration manager (4 days per week), a school administration officer (1 Day per week) and a general assistant (1 day per week).

The majority of educators employed within the school are Aboriginal. These educators are important for providing a culturally relevant curriculum and link to the community. The island has a rich cultural history that has been part of the school since it was established in 1893. Partnerships with the local community and other service providers are extremely important and quality teaching is our core business.

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